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Celebrating 32 Years of Service to Clients

Bizfit Management Systems has been involved in quality management and associated management system requirements since 1985

At that time, Quality Assurance (QA) in Australia was new and assistance was principally available only from large overseas based consultants who implemented systems which were too complicated.

Today, there is a better understanding that uncomplicated companies require uncomplicated systems than was being promoted in the 1980's

Further, it is now recognised that it is prudent to include work, health & safety management into the overall management system and, maybe, even an appropriate  level of environmental management dependent on the type of activity of the business.

Bizfit Management Systems has continued to provide practical and simple systems over the past 30 years throughout Queensland as well as the Torres Strait Islands and Northern New South Wales. All of these have either been successfully recognised by the various customers of these organisation or have successfully pursued third party certification.

Bizfit Management Systems provides a range of consulting and training assistance associated with internationally recognised management systems and all the ancillary programs associated with it:

    Quality Management (Quality Assurance)
    Work, Health and Safety management
    Environmental management
    System upgrading for outdated systems
    Internal audits of quality, safety and environmental systems & training
    Development of supply pre-qualification requirements

We specialise in assisting small businesses through providing uncomplicated and simplified systems which are still compliant with international standards.